Going on Vacation and Looking for a Place to Take Care of Your Kitty?

Have Peace of Mind While You’re On Vacation While Your Kitty Is Safe and Secure With Us

Wake Up The Next Morning And See “Life is Good” Pictures of Your Kitty

Welcome to Feline Wishes and Caviar Dreams, a secure and safe place for your kitty to be cared for by a team of responsible and knowledgeable personnel who love and engage with your kitty as you would.

Over 12,900 kitties have stayed with us over the last 11 years.

We have 5 Stars on Yelp. Here are what some people have been saying about us:

Jen A. San Francisco, CA

“In a world where it is increasingly hard to find true service, Feline Wishes is an oasis. First and foremost, they take beautiful care of our kitties and show great concern. We’ve never had sweet lap-cats, but rather persnickety, idiosyncratic creatures–the folks at Feline Wishes are great with them, keep them calm and totally understand their quirks. I hesitate to write this, as selfishly I don’t want them to get too booked. But as a pet owner, I know how important great care is, and this place is the best!!!”

Maria M. San Francisco, CA

“Honestly, the best team of people, ever. Lisa, the owner, is such a breath of fresh air ( in a city which is quickly beginning to lose touch with humanity). She is kind, always remembers our fur baby, and genuinely comes from such a loving and nurturing business acumen.

One of my son’s favorite things to receive while we are traveling are the email updates with pictures and videos of Melody and quick little updates letting us know how she is doing. The staff are always meticulous, empathic and super sweet and kind. Thank you guys so much!!!”

Dorothy M. San Diego, CA

“I left my 2 cats here for 12 days. Lisa is great! The first day away I was so worried I emailed her, and she sent me updates to soothe me instead of being annoyed that I was an anxious feline parent. She then sends me updates with pictures. I love my long trips, but pictures of kitties doing well make the trip so much better. I will definitely come back for our next trips!”

Jennifer N. Walnut Creek, CA

“The atmosphere is calm, soothing and cat friendly for your feline “kids” with music playing, catnip aplenty and special toys given to them. They will send you photos of their stay, and I could tell from the kitties body language, their bright eyes and smooth fur, that they were doing well. Lisa even sent me an action shot showing Bean eating the food they bought for her!

This place is amazing and very reasonably priced, considering the superior care, attention and love of cats their staff has. All 3 kitties arrived home healthy, happy and settled right back in to their normal routines at home. I would use them, and only them, whenever my boyfriend and I travel together again.”

Presley R. San Francisco, CA

“Leo our cat loves being there, as well. He always makes friends and every time we pick him up he acts like he’s been away at summer camp. One time I came to pick him up and he was in a random cat suite, that had a fake “tv” with toy fish swimming in it, cuddling up with another cat who Lisa said had become his best friend that week. If only Leo liked the car more it would be a no brainer to take him to Feline Wishes even for our weekend getaways. If you are looking for a clean, well organized, well managed facility and an overall positive experience for your cat with a team of true cat-lovers, please go to Feline Wishes.”

Maria T. San Francisco, CA

“This place is an absolute godsend. We are first time cat owners, and I would be terrified to travel without a place like Feline Wishes. Lisa, the owner, clearly cares about and understands cats. She’s extremely warm and personable – always remembers details about our family and our little guy.

Puffkin, our cat, always enjoys his time at Feline Wishes. The rooms are spacious and clean, with awesome little cat balconies that allow the cats to monitor each other.

The staff all love cats. We’ve dropped by for pickup and drop off and always feel like we have plenty of time to get Puffkin unpacked and settled in with great interactions from the team. I’ve never felt rushed, and they’re always happy to share anecdotes about him. We’ve also stopped by unexpectedly, and I was pleased to see that the cats get lots of playtime in the free roam space.

The free roam space is definitely a highlight. Puffkin hasn’t had any to socialize with other cats outside of Feline Wishes, so he’s a little territorial and aggressive when he arrives. But after a few hours or days, he really loves playing with the other cats. He was roaming with the herd when we arrived to pick him up last time. He came to say hi to us, but then tried to make a break for it to keep playing. I think it’s a really stimulating environment. Much better than staying home alone with a sitter stopping by twice a day.

I also really love the photos they send us of him while we’re away!
It’s just a really, really awesome place to board your cat.”

Dick M. San Rafael, CA
“It almost seems overkill to add one more 5-star rating to the host of others for Feline Wishes, but I’d be remiss not to do it. Our two litter-mate, arthritic, half-blind, scraggly, matted, kidney-failing tabbies — whom we love to a fault — have been with Lisa and crew for a month now while we’re showing our condo for sale. They’ve lost their mats, have gained weight and are happier and more alert than they were at home. Yes, they still recognize us when we come to visit, but I have the feeling they’d be perfectly happy staying there until whenever.

Feline Wishes is just for cats, run by cat people. I couldn’t imagine, all things considered, a better place for cats needing a temporary home. I recommend them to you without hesitation. (And all the other good things you read here are true, too.) I’m so grateful to have found Feline Wishes. Thanks, Yelp!”

As you can see from the many 5-star reviews, at Feline Wishes, we ensure that your kitty is going to be well taken care. Instead of worrying about how your kitty is doing, you can relax and enjoy your vacation. Isn’t that why we take them?!!

You can’t win a cat over, it has to be earned. It’s like that old saying
“Dogs have staff, and cats have servants!”

We do everything we can to win your cat over and be their preferred servants.

10 Reasons Why Feline Wishes Is Uncommonly Qualified To Take Care Of, And Love Your Kitty While You’re On Vacation:

  1. We give your kitty the opportunity to interact with other kitties (with your permission) and with our staff daily. They can relax and sleep in their own private and spacious accommodations unlike other facilities.
  2. We send you pictures and videos of your kitty just being themselves, out and about meeting new friends, and exploring their surroundings.
  3. Our staff (a.k.a. servants) are with your kitty 12 hours a day
  4. We are as intuitive and as watchful with your kitty as we are with our own
  5. It starts with our knowledgeable staff. We are all seasoned cat mom’s and dad’s. Everyone on our staff have cats. Some of us are crazy cat people. We have over 45 years of combined cat experience.
  6. Our staff is attentive and aware of each and every cat’s well-being and we will identify and quickly alert you in the event that there is something not right
  7. Our rooms are Tuscan Spa color themed with sounds of running waterfalls and cat-friendly-plants for them to savor and enjoy
  8. The ambiance of our facility is very quiet and serene to settle even the most anxious cat
  9. Our complimentary Kitty Spa sessions are for those wanting to be indulged
  10. If you’re thinking about getting another sibling for your kitty, we have kitties that we can introduce as new playmates under our supervision with mom’s and dad’s permission. We introduce playmates to stimulate your cat’s personality and give them a new experience that they might not get at home.

And all this for your peace of mind, your kitties care, and well-being for about $5 more a day than kitty prison.

Is your kitty’s vacation as important as yours?

Give Your Kitty the Luxurious Vacation Your Kitty Deserves.

Don’t miss out on the unique vacation experience. Call us right now at (415) 543-5365.

Lisa Redding,
Founder and Chief Cat Lover