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Traveling With Your Cat

Stuart goes Hawaiian! Yes, I am packing and preparing for a vacation in Hawaii with my friend, Richie, who is (let’s be honest) retired from TV and movies, but who still loves to be called “The King of the Mini-Series,” which, in all truthfulness he was … once. What he still is, is the nicest […]

Blogspot June: The “Caviar”

Greetings to my pals of Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams. I can’t believe I’m actually writing the next blog that I swore 40,000 times I would. Like most cats, I’m all fur, no horse—sort of undependable. When cornered about this, I always take a pose and declare: “Look, Mom—you can always depend on me! … […]

A Room with a View At Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams

Hello friends of Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams! Welcome to the inaugural issue of our blog, which our mutual pal, (and goddess-in-a-royal-blue-polo-shirt) Lisa Redding, has invited me to pen. I am Stuart—a grayish, pinkish and sometimes a little blue—shorthair tabby who visits Lisa and the team at Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams quite often, because […]