Blogspot June: The “Caviar”

Greetings to my pals of Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams.

I can’t believe I’m actually writing the next blog that I swore 40,000 times I would. Like most cats, I’m all fur, no horse—sort of undependable. When cornered about this, I always take a pose and declare: “Look, Mom—you can always depend on me! … to let you down!” (That line is so good, it’s gotten me out of trouble many times.)

Anyway, I promised I would share with you sapiens something your kitties already know about: the caviar—served to the kitty guests at Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams. Nearly every cat loves it (but there’s always somebody)—and it’s nice to be given a treat while we’re away from home to make our stays extra special and comforting.

Brothers napping in the afternoon.

Brothers napping in the afternoon.

How I like to think of Lisa making the caviar

How I like to think of Lisa making the caviar.

I recently visited Feline Wishes for a demonstration of making the caviar. It’s not what you think. No, no, Nanette. Lisa’s now-not-so-secret recipe consists of albacore tuna and water, which she whips into a fine mousse. I forgot my pee-wee camera to photograph the process, but I found a pic on the internet that I like.

Alas, the caviar is no longer served as dessert each night, because some kitty squealed on us after he returned home—refusing to eat anything unless he could get his mitts on more caviar. So, now the caviar is served only on special occasions or as a surprise treat. This way, no one becomes a royal pain (or crack addict*) upon checkout.

The squealer.

The squealer.

I love Lisa —for a billion reasons, but mostly for the ways in which she cares for and loves us. And she can cook, too!

Until next time, I remain yours~


* Feline hyperbole

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    Gretchen Summer-Gafford says:

    So cute–thanks, Stuart! We have a sapiens at our condominium who looks in on us when mom and dad are away. Otherwise, we would love to stay with Lisa and lap up her homemade caviar–yum! Miss you! Cap, Miss mo, Aeneas and Apollo xxxxxx

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      Stuart says:

      Thank you, Gretchen! I would love to share a soupcon of Lisa’s caviar with your (royal cats) Aeneas and Apollo. Sometimes I stand on a tall ladder and can see Aeneas and Apollo wave to me from their condo! (You know how kitties have super eye site, especially those named after the gods.)
      xo xo xo Stuart

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    Matt MacInnis says:

    Next time I drop off my cat Spencer, I’m going to specifically request the caviar be served nightly! :)

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      Stuart says:

      Let me know when Spencer is there next! I’ll bring the gong and bang it when Lisa’s caviar is ready to serve. If you close your eyes and try really hard, it’s almost like a scene out of “Downton Abbey.”

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    Montepuss says:

    My Russian oligarch pal Igor Lottagasovsky cat PutinPuss gets unsalted best Beluga with tiny fish paste infused cubes of white bread toast.
    Me? It’s Fancy Feast and Tasty Temptations Treats.

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      Stuart says:

      Putinpuss? What’s wrong with names like Sasha and Misha?
      Oh well, hopefully, his guardian calls him “Darlinka.”

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