Cat Boarding Pricing

For guests requiring insulin or medication to be administered, we can refer you to a referral boarding facility that offers this service. However, we are happy to accommodate any medications that can be placed in either a pill pocket or wet food.

There is a two – night minimum on all boarding reservations

$15 additional charge daily for siblings occupying our Villas, Palazzos or Lounge

$35 daily, maximum occupancy – 1 feline
Larger than suites currently available today in the boarding industry, our Pensione’s offer a spacious three foot by three foot area enough to play, scamper with balls or faux mice. Each suite has its own jungle gym for the active cat and a private area for just wanting to take a break from it all. Feeding, bedding, and toys are included to keep your cat happy and content during their stay with us.

Our Pensiones are for only 1 guest under 10lbs. and stays less than 4 days.

$45 daily, maximum occupancy – 2 felines

For our dual kitty households, our Villa’s measure three feet by six feet. Like our Pensione’s, we offer all the same amenities times two to make your cats feel like the royal family. Our villas are limited to two guests per suite.

$57 daily, maximum occupancy – 4 felines
Our most popular suite for the most pampered cat or those with many siblings. We’ve gone over the top with our Palazzos! These suites measure six feet by six feet and feature more elaborate jungle gyms with additional secluded areas for your cats’ recreation and relaxation. Some of our Palazzos also feature sunny, street facing windows, providing a perfect setting for kitty sunbathing.

$65 daily, maximum occupancy – 4 felines
Our lounge measures 12 feet by 12 feet with “kitty cartoons” playing nonstop to keep the most pampered kitty or kitty family thoroughly entertained.  Optional sleeping condos provide just the right sleeping accommodations for the fussiest of felines.