Traveling With Your Cat

Stuart goes Hawaiian!

Richie Chamberlain

My pal Richie Chamberlain

Yes, I am packing and preparing for a vacation in Hawaii with my friend, Richie, who is (let’s be honest) retired from TV and movies, but who still loves to be called “The King of the Mini-Series,” which, in all truthfulness he was … once. What he still is, is the nicest guy ever and a great traveling companion, and like me, Richie loves Hawaii.

For Rich, getting on the plane is easy—but for me, it’s a bit challenging as I must feign being a fur piece on the collar of my mom’s cardigan sweater. (Forget Richie, I should get an Oscar for this.) I dig deep into my “method” acting training to become a plus-sized vintage mink accessory, so I can travel with the sapiens in the main compartment—coming aboard on fashionable Mom’s shoulders!

Last leg of another great European trip! Waiting the requisite hour for Customs to grill Mom.

Last leg of another great European trip! Waiting the requisite hour for Customs to grill Mom.

You might ask why a woman would wear a fur-collar on her trip to Hawaii? Well, you see, my mom is sort of an eccentric fashion maven who possesses a certain look—specifically, like a person who sews in American labels in French clothes. So, every time we come back from Europe, my dad and I find a spot outside to smoke while my mom is strenuously questioned by U.S. Customs officials.

Sometimes we tire from my having to draw upon my Stanislavsky lessons to impress the FAA and the airlines; so on those occasions, we opt for a vacation by car.

Adventure Cats by Laura J. Moss

Adventure Cats by Laura J. Moss

Should you consider taking your kitty on a driving holiday, there’s a newly published book, Adventure Cats by Laura J. Moss (Workman Publishing), that offers location pictures, cat adventure stories, and tips on how to travel with and train your cat to walk (or hike) on a leash; wild plants and flowers to avoid; and things to remember, such having lots of fresh drinking water and placing a litter box (I suggest with a screen, for your cat’s privacy) in the car.

I particularly enjoy riding in the back seat of a convertible, but I don’t recommend it on the California freeways—too fast and the wind whooshes by so loudly, no one can hear my calls should something go wrong, like the time my yellow-straw and black ribbon hat blew off and landed on the windshield of the car behind us, causing a multi-car dust up. Horrible! Horrible! And so tragic— that was a beautiful hat. My mom bought it in London, but I can’t remember exactly where because the tags were cut off.

I still miss that hat. This outfit isn’t complete without it.

I still miss that hat. This outfit isn’t complete without it.

Wow, just thinking about that day makes me nervous. I wish I stayed “home” with Lisa at Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams where she cradles me in her arms and never crushes my hat. She’s so talented in that way.

Okay, must run and pack—wikiwiki!

Aloha, my friends! See you next month!


Blogspot June: The “Caviar”

Greetings to my pals of Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams.

I can’t believe I’m actually writing the next blog that I swore 40,000 times I would. Like most cats, I’m all fur, no horse—sort of undependable. When cornered about this, I always take a pose and declare: “Look, Mom—you can always depend on me! … to let you down!” (That line is so good, it’s gotten me out of trouble many times.)

Anyway, I promised I would share with you sapiens something your kitties already know about: the caviar—served to the kitty guests at Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams. Nearly every cat loves it (but there’s always somebody)—and it’s nice to be given a treat while we’re away from home to make our stays extra special and comforting.

Brothers napping in the afternoon.

Brothers napping in the afternoon.

How I like to think of Lisa making the caviar

How I like to think of Lisa making the caviar.

I recently visited Feline Wishes for a demonstration of making the caviar. It’s not what you think. No, no, Nanette. Lisa’s now-not-so-secret recipe consists of albacore tuna and water, which she whips into a fine mousse. I forgot my pee-wee camera to photograph the process, but I found a pic on the internet that I like.

Alas, the caviar is no longer served as dessert each night, because some kitty squealed on us after he returned home—refusing to eat anything unless he could get his mitts on more caviar. So, now the caviar is served only on special occasions or as a surprise treat. This way, no one becomes a royal pain (or crack addict*) upon checkout.

The squealer.

The squealer.

I love Lisa —for a billion reasons, but mostly for the ways in which she cares for and loves us. And she can cook, too!

Until next time, I remain yours~


* Feline hyperbole

A Room with a View At Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams

Hello friends of Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of our blog, which our mutual pal, (and goddess-in-a-royal-blue-polo-shirt) Lisa Redding, has invited me to pen. I am Stuart—a grayish, pinkish and sometimes a little blue—shorthair tabby who visits Lisa and the team at Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams quite often, because … I get around!

You and your family and friends can visit Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams, too! Please do!

The lobby is open every day, and Lisa and her staff would love to take one and all of you on a tour of Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams where you’ll see the various accommodations and dedicated areas for the ultimate in cat care and well-being—and meet the kitties that are enjoying their stay overs. In my opinion, it’s better than going to MOMA.

Here’s when:

Monday-Friday: 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
Saturday: 10:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
Sunday: Noon – 5:00p.m.

(There is visitor’s covered parking area adjacent to the building.)

Spring is the beginning of kitty season. So many of my friends are having birthdays—and a lot of new friends are being born.

Last April 24 was the birthday of one of my best friends—“Mo”—an orange tabby I went to school with.
(English teachers, please don’t write in.)

Morris The Taurus

Morris The Taurus

During those months when we were in Cat University (forget years; cats can’t stand more than a few months of anything), our feline classmates referred to Mo as “Morris the Taurus,” not just because he was so popular and born under the astrological sign of Taurus—but because cats like words that rhyme.

So, for Morris the Taurus’ birthday, I gave him a swell gift he can use every day—something that my mom picked up for me while she was shopping at Bloomingdales one afternoon when my dad was glued to his chair watching college basketball on TV, refusing to leave the house. My mom’s terrific—and leaves her credit card near the phone, so I dialed up Bloomingdales and ordered the same thing for Mo!

It’s my (and now, Mo’s) cool lacquered tray (in that certain shade of luxe blue) on which are the words, “Hello Beautiful.”

I like that!

My water and victual bowls are neatly organized upon it. When it comes time to washing my dishes, the entire tray can lifted by the handles and taken to the sink—with the dishes washed in hot soapy water and the tray wiped sparkling clean.

Hello Beautiful Tray

Hello Beautiful Tray

Cats like clean—that’s why we’re not called dogs.

Here’s a photo of my tray.

It’s available in stores downtown and online. I wouldn’t pay more than $24.95 for it, but it’s worth a million to my mom’s decorator who loves it for its “oh so trés, trés, chic” designer-look, as she does the tidy tray concept in our kitchen.

View tray at Barnes and Noble.

Blue and white Damask tray

Blue and white Damask tray

If your kitty is into Eurasian design, check out this blue and white Damask tray.

This tray complements the blue and white Japanese bowls everybody likes, which look very expensive but are not. They’re dishwasher (remember: we can’t get enough of CLEAN) and microwave safe, and cost about $7-10 each. Enjoy shopping for them at Sanko Kitchen Essentials (If you’re lucky, the ladies there will pour you a small cup of delicious Japanese green tea. You could always politely ask…I would!), or Soko Hardware (Don’t even bother asking for anything extra—I have). Both stores are on Buchannan Street in San Francisco’s Japantown.

Blue and white Japanese bowls

Blue and white Japanese bowls

Happy birthday to all May and springtime kitties and a special “meow” to their moms and dads. We cats can sometimes be a little ambiguous and coy (it’s a contractual thing), but trust me, we love you so much … with all our hearts.

Thanks for reading the first issue of our blog—and see you next time when I share the secret of Lisa’s famous Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams “caviar”—prepared and served for dessert (regrettably, without champagne) every night. It could be the reason for your cat’s Mona Lisa smile after his or her vacation at FW&CD. And you thought the chocolate on your pillow at the human hotel was a big deal.

If you have comments, please leave below or want to talk to us, please use the contact form here.

See you next time!