Traveling With Your Cat

Stuart goes Hawaiian!

Richie Chamberlain

My pal Richie Chamberlain

Yes, I am packing and preparing for a vacation in Hawaii with my friend, Richie, who is (let’s be honest) retired from TV and movies, but who still loves to be called “The King of the Mini-Series,” which, in all truthfulness he was … once. What he still is, is the nicest guy ever and a great traveling companion, and like me, Richie loves Hawaii.

For Rich, getting on the plane is easy—but for me, it’s a bit challenging as I must feign being a fur piece on the collar of my mom’s cardigan sweater. (Forget Richie, I should get an Oscar for this.) I dig deep into my “method” acting training to become a plus-sized vintage mink accessory, so I can travel with the sapiens in the main compartment—coming aboard on fashionable Mom’s shoulders!

Last leg of another great European trip! Waiting the requisite hour for Customs to grill Mom.

Last leg of another great European trip! Waiting the requisite hour for Customs to grill Mom.

You might ask why a woman would wear a fur-collar on her trip to Hawaii? Well, you see, my mom is sort of an eccentric fashion maven who possesses a certain look—specifically, like a person who sews in American labels in French clothes. So, every time we come back from Europe, my dad and I find a spot outside to smoke while my mom is strenuously questioned by U.S. Customs officials.

Sometimes we tire from my having to draw upon my Stanislavsky lessons to impress the FAA and the airlines; so on those occasions, we opt for a vacation by car.

Adventure Cats by Laura J. Moss

Adventure Cats by Laura J. Moss

Should you consider taking your kitty on a driving holiday, there’s a newly published book, Adventure Cats by Laura J. Moss (Workman Publishing), that offers location pictures, cat adventure stories, and tips on how to travel with and train your cat to walk (or hike) on a leash; wild plants and flowers to avoid; and things to remember, such having lots of fresh drinking water and placing a litter box (I suggest with a screen, for your cat’s privacy) in the car.

I particularly enjoy riding in the back seat of a convertible, but I don’t recommend it on the California freeways—too fast and the wind whooshes by so loudly, no one can hear my calls should something go wrong, like the time my yellow-straw and black ribbon hat blew off and landed on the windshield of the car behind us, causing a multi-car dust up. Horrible! Horrible! And so tragic— that was a beautiful hat. My mom bought it in London, but I can’t remember exactly where because the tags were cut off.

I still miss that hat. This outfit isn’t complete without it.

I still miss that hat. This outfit isn’t complete without it.

Wow, just thinking about that day makes me nervous. I wish I stayed “home” with Lisa at Feline Wishes & Caviar Dreams where she cradles me in her arms and never crushes my hat. She’s so talented in that way.

Okay, must run and pack—wikiwiki!

Aloha, my friends! See you next month!


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    Monte says:

    Wow! This is like reading a column for 1960s Town and Country or the Ladies Journal. You have to be a cat adorer and friend to understand how ‘cat friendly’ this delicious blog entry is. On behalf of Caviar Charlie thank you!

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      John says:

      Thank you, Stuart, for the most helpful information. Our princess, Lily, is not a fan of the car, the carrier she has to get in to go to the car, the drive, etc. But, I’m sure she would love the destination if it were Feline Wishes rather than the vet!!! Cheers!

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